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Mouthguards & Splints

Mouth Guards


Sporting accidents causing broken jaws, cut lips and broken or knocked out teeth can be prevented if a proper custom fitted mouthguard (MG ) is worn.

Just like having the correct shoes, protective gear and sporting equipment, people playing contact sports need to wear a custom fitted MG. Contact sports include hockey, netball, basketball, baseball, football, soccer and even skateboarding and skiing. Dental injuries can be costly and so it is worthwhile investing in a proper fitted custom mouthguard. Over the counter mouthguards do not offer enough protection to the teeth, mouth or jaw and are less effective. You will need an assessment of your mouth and impressions taken to provide you with the best fitting mouthguard. 

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) strongly recommends wearing a custom fitted MG for maximum protection and these are only available from your dentist. 


Occlusal Splint (Nightguard)

Occlusal Splints ( nightguard ) is used to take the pressure off the jaw joint and teeth. Therefore people who clench, grind or have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders may benefit from the use of an occlusal splint. They are each custom made to suit teeth and bite patterns.