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Teeth Whitening

Teeth stain due to a number of factors like smoking, tea, coffee, red wine, age , antibiotics and sometimes poor oral hygiene. 

Whitening can cause sensitivity and is therefore not recommended in patients with untreated cavities or  a high caries rate. Tooth Mousse may need to be used in conjunction with whitening to reduce sensitivity. 

In Chair Whitening 

A high intensity light or laser is used to quicken the whitening process; this is carried out by your dentist in the chair over multiple sessions depending on each individuals needs. 

Bleaching Trays  

Custom made bleach trays are made by your dentist and tubes of bleaching gel is given to be used at home. Most people will need to use the trays everyday or every other day for 4-6 weeks for optimum results. 


There are two ways to whiten teeth without changing the shape of the teeth. One way is to whiten, or bleach, them at home using custom trays we make for you. The other way is to bleach them at our surgery


The choice in this case was to whiten the teeth at home. This consists of wearing a custom tray filled with a whiten solution for about a two week period. The time it takes to whiten your teeth and the amount that they will whiten will vary from individual to individual.


This patient preffered to have her teeth whitened in the office. The Procedure requied an appointment


The results, in this case, were dramatic. Some sensitivity after the procedure is normal and should disappear in a few days. Results vary from individual to individual.


This patient was happy with the shape of her teeth but she did not like the colour.


She elected to have the whitening procedure done in the surgery and she was very pleased with the results.